To make a lasting change in one’s life, ongoing help and support is invaluable. Cognowledge Education Technologies (CET) specializes in furnishing that help and support for all age groups and finishes the guess work while designing the careers. By leveraging technology without sacrificing the human element, CET builds interactive education programs that focuses on self-improvement with the help of Cognitive Programming Technology. As a result, our customers experience culminates in unparalleled satisfaction rates in their lives. CET’s trained team is continuously committed in providing quality education programs to score 100% Customer Satisfaction.


Regardless of how or where customers are looking to improve their lives, CET provides technical solutions for people to achieve their personal, financial, and self-improvement goals.



To emerge as the most effective and preferred personalized knowledge provider focusing on customer’s desires to meet their personal goals.



To create skill development modules and programs for masses as per their natural abilities, that provide lifetime value to their profession for achieving their passion.





Parvinder Singh


Mr. Parvinder Singh is a success strategist, life skills coach, a dynamic leader with a great vision and tremendous business acumen. He has an un-parallel passion to dream of things that never were and create a culture to make such things happen. He has a strong conviction to emerge as a global leader in the Education & IT businesses. His journey of relentless efforts is a benchmark and all his ventures have emerged as epitomes.


Endowed with a very fine eye for skills, he rightly steers/ engineers his team to the best of productivity and possesses rare ability to organize task-oriented teams for getting things done within planned time frame. Along with pioneering initiatives to bring paradigm shift in the web world, Mr. Parvinder Singh is also steering initiatives in academics, marketing, IT and much more.


To his credit lies an extensive experience of real estate & retail industry, enriched with expertise at the development of knowledge centric infrastructure. He is committed to setting the standard for excellence in his entire endeavor. He continuously strives to achieve the optimal balance among quality, efficiency, reliability, and innovation.

Aspan Bhatti

Director - Corporate Communications

Mr. Aspan Bhatti carries tremendous knowledge of Computer applications, latest software’s and ability to use computers and related technology efficiently, with a range of skills covering levels from elementary use to programming and advanced problem solving. Being mastery in computer science and parental technical business, he is an asset within the company for all kind of technical implications, and a great technical coach to give solutions to the students for their computer concerning requirements.


All five computer based competencies, those can be named as Computer Hardware, Computer Software, Computer Programming, Computer Integration and General Knowledge are his natural abilities. People respect him as computer man and call Mr. Digital Singh.

Raghuvir Shivhare

Director Operations


Mr. Raghuvir Shivhare is enriched with over 20 years of experience, varied over dynamic industries like Real Estate & Media, with organizations such as Uppals, CHD, RG Group, Landcraft & Antriksh, assisting them in Marketing, Legal, public relations, Strategy & Customer Service Delivery functions. As a Business Coach, he assists SMEs & Startups, facilitating development of Marketing Strategies with thorough understanding of consumer behavior, to fuel up entrepreneurial ambitions & dreams.


As a son of a noted poet, he is fond of Urdu poetry and always keeps the flames of the souls of his like-minded people alive.



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