Our approach is constantly empowered by its vision of ensuring that education goes beyond the main-stay of teaching and instruction, and must involve a collaboration of learning and assimilation. Modern day life style has brought frustrations and stress in life resulting short tempers and disrespect to family relationships. Research has established that people spend 70% of their time at work place. 85% people are in wrong carriers, they remain unsatisfied with their work because they are not in the profession of their passion. No human being can remain happy if one is spending 70% of life for the things which are of no liking for them. The need is to establish a diagnostic system, where each individual gets to know scientifically, the unique potential one carries with an expert career advice to follow.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”

By - Albert Einstein


“Every child, young man and women today needs to be equipped with the latest knowledge not only about their curricula but also about the happenings around them and most importantly to know them better. Their success has increasingly come to depend on their ability to understand and appreciate the world around them. We bring in new technology to observe the world around them and inculcate a spirit of enquiry and sharpen their innate intelligence giving that Extra Little Edge which makes all the difference in today’s competitive world.”

COGNITIVE: Cognition is the science behind our entire thinking process that includes all the factors when we try to understand behaviors and attitudes manifesting from our brain. These factors include as IQ, CQ, Focus, Decision Making, Learning Styles, self-estimation and abilities etc. If body is considered as the hardware than cognition is the software which works absolutely on the similar functionalities. These factors are like those different apps we use in our computer for different objectives. The better these apps are equipped with, the easy it becomes to achieve the objective. Human cognitive factors too can be enhanced, reprogramed, reordered to the desired levels as per our requirements. 

PROGRAMING: Programming of Brain is the outcome of a series of actions on certain perceptions with logical reasoning in a sequence given to the brain. This path (REPEATED ACTIONS) of patterns (NEURONS) running in the brain automatically brings the desired behaviors (COGNITIVE FACTORS) which we aim for. The functioning of these patterns known as cognitive factors, designs the level of human intelligence. A brain given programing (PERSONALISED TRAINING) on its natural ability (PASSION) will function at its 100% capacities and will achieve the status of excellence (GENIUS) in career (PROFESSION).

TECHNOLOGY: It is the collection of techniques, skills, methods and processes used in the accomplishment of objectives. Programing of Human Intelligence or reordering of Cognitive Factors through personalized training and education with the help of specialized trainers and mentors is a new and latest direction for social transformation.


We know what we know and we have no control directly on others and events around us. But how people behave, perform and respond depends on how we have influenced in their lives.

The implementation of this technology CPT will help in discovering the true “YOU” in you. It helps in exploring all aspects, which effects your life irrespective of your age. It gives you the full control of your life by eliminating those myths and guess works you have been doing in designing your own or your child’s career.

All ultimate successful people, who got their signatures turn into autographs, identified their passion and adopted the same as their profession. Each one of us is a genius, but why some people achieve what they want but most struggle? People who took the help of mentors and coaches with the right skills and personal attention as per their natural abilities are at the top.

There are many theories working to train a brain, but Cognitive Science is the future of all technologies and CPT is designed by the experts to uncover the conflicts largely over communicated society. The target of team COGNOWLEDGE is to build you, to build the nation.









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