Cognosis is an Assessment Process to make educational learning simpler.

If human brain is a computer then Factors related with Human Intelligence are apps in the brain. Working of these apps can efficiently bring 100% output from the brain.










Cognosis helps in analysing the efficiency of these factors scientifically. Once you identify your potential, to optimize it, is then a process.

1. IQ-IntelligenceQuotient
2. Focus Factor
3. CQ-Creative Quotient
4. DMA- Decision Making Ability
5. CognitiveGaps
6. Cognitive Capacity
7. Learning Pace
8. Short Term Memory
9. Analytical Thinking
10. Mathematical Ability
11. Emotional Intelligence
12. Thinking Style
13. Skill Sets
14. Self Estimation Level
15. Perceived Stress Level
16.Multiple Intelligence/Learning Styles

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