A-Class is a scientifically designed annual training based contact program for children. It is based on Cognitive Programming Technology, implemented once a week. It helps develop innovation, creativity, logic, reasoning and problem solving abilities in children. It is aimed at developing Multiple Intelligence in Children. It helps students to transform their natural ability into great careers. It develops natural inclination towards academics. These skills play a crucial role in shaping up their career & will help them attain meaningful goals in life. Enter a short description of the course.



Imagine that a child’s brain is like a house that has just been built. The walls are up, the doors are hung. Then you go to the store and buy electrical wiring, switches, a fuse box and other electrical supplies. You bring these supplies to the new house and set them on the floor. Will they work? Probably not. You first must string the wiring and hook up all of the connections. This is quite similar to the way our brains are formed.

We are born with as many nerve cells as stars in the Milky Way galaxy. But these cells have not yet established a pattern of wiring between them they haven’t made their connections. 7-11 years is the crucial stage of cognitive development. This is the stage where child begins to develop abstract thinking & reasoning. Rote learning and academic education is not enough to develop the rational intelligence and natural abilities. Einstein program helps develop the layout of wiring pattern in the brain.

Program Content

Cognitive Enhancer Modules, Speed Math & Alpha Math, Super Memory Developer, Etiquette & Manners, Origami, CQ & DMA Activities, Modern GK & IQ Builder, Cartooning & Animation, Personality & Leadership modules.



Beginning at about age 11, a child’s brain gets rid of extra connections in a process called “pruning”, gradually making order – out of a thick tangle of ”Wires”. The remaining “Wiring” is more powerful and efficient. Newton program is technically designed for 11-16 year old children, who are now adept to learn the challenges that lie ahead in this competitive world. Newton program is based on super skills development.

Super skills include innovation, creativity, problem solving. It includes challenges, attitude formation, reasoning & thinking. This program is blended with personality development & grooming. After completing 6 months program the child is ready to take on competitive challenges head on. Children are now well aware of their actions, performances, and also understands how to transform their natural ability into a great Career.

Program Content

Innovative Brain, How Things are Made, Corporate GK, Vedic Shastra Math, Master Memory Builder, Personality & Leadership modules, Multiple Intelligence Skills, Alpha Math.

Course Curriculum

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